• Every Successful Entrepreneurs has to Overcome these 3 Fears

    Successful entrepreneurs enjoy financial freedom, flexibility of schedule along with social recognition. But behind all this is sheer hard work. In the beginning stages you might be working 12 -18 hrs a day and financial success at this stage seems like a distant dream. This sustained period of struggle breeds all kinds of fears and negative thoughts. […]

  • To-do List

    To-Do List: Here’s How Successful People Live By It

    Small victories made every day add up overtime, and before you know it people start treating you differently. All of a sudden success comes knocking on your door and people you never met before want to take pictures with you. The important piece is to progress incrementally every day towards your goal. The most effective […]

  • LinkedIn Profile

    5 LinkedIn Hacks to Attract Powerful Connections

    LinkedIn is hands down the most effective business networking tool on the web. It can find you your first job, help power your career transition, or monetize your hard earned network beyond your imagination. A survey from Jobvite found that 94 percent of job recruiters tap into LinkedIn to find qualified candidates. For me other options don’t […]

  • Millionaire Mindset

    The Millionaire Mindset

    Being a millionaire is a side effect of a unique mindset. A mindset that drives the decision making process by more than just the common sense. I have listed below a combination of traits that I rarely see in people. But when I do see them, I can predict a millionaire in the making. Be […]

  • Ask for help

    Struggling Alone? Here’s Why & How Smart People Ask For Help…

    Being smart doesn’t mean you have to know everything. It means you know what you know, and you definitely know what you don’t know, but you can figure out a way to find the answers to things you don’t know about. In short, be resourceful and know where you need help. And get help from a reliable […]

  • 9 Tips to Launch Your Life in Your 20s

    The decisions you make in your 20s shape who you will become and the quality of life you will live. Every decision counts – good ones and bad. I am in my late 20s and I can tell you that within my ability, I have used my 20s to the max. It has pushed me […]

  • saying no

    Saying NO – A Complete Guide

    You are a nice person. You don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, so you might be prone to saying “yes”. Sometimes even at the cost of your own inconvenience and frustration. Maybe sometimes you say “yes” out of habit, obligation or social pressure. I have done it many times, hoping I wouldn’t repeat it. But […]

  • Avelo Roy_Job_Interview_Blog

    6 Job Interview Hacks To Create a Lasting Impression

    I say unfair advantage because it’s like getting a solution manual for an exam…way before the exam. I will take you on a tour of the expectations hidden in your interviewer’s mind and help you address them like a mind reader! Get Referred, Use LinkedIn I see so many people blindly applying on the career sections […]

  • The Science of being Irresistibly Charming

    A charming personality can easily win many battles, from job interviews to Presidential elections!! Industrial psychology provides volumes of evidence on how likability affects decision making. In this article, I am going to break down the mechanics behind it from various angles. Yes, some people are born charming. But it can be learned as well. I did […]

  • communicate to win

    Effectively Communicate to Win over Difficult People

    Winning communication begins with knowing your audience. Sometimes we end up having to deal with the persons we dread most… arrogant, hothead, irrational and/or outright crazy! It is important to separate the behavior from the person. It will help tremendously if you actually try to be understanding of the other person’s situation rather than blaming him/her. […]

  • Happy Peaple who are successful

    7 Habits of Incredibly Happy People

    People love to be around happy people. Happy people also tend to be more successful because they are likable. There were two college students who were trying to secure a job at the same company for the same position. One student had a 4.0 GPA and the other had a 2.3 GPA. All the hiring […]

  • Don’t get exploited by Fear. Overcome Fear in 3 steps.

    Fear is one of the most powerful feelings that cripples our thinking and actions. It actually inhibits us from taking the right steps that can help fix the fear-causing problem. Let’s go through a series of steps that I have personally tried and tested over and over again. Acknowledge the fear and the problem that’s causing […]