Avelo Roy started his first startup at 19 while still a student at the Illinois Institute of Technology and built it to a million dollar valuation by the time he was 22. He has been building businesses in the US ever since.

He has won more than 14 business plan competitions in the United States and Canada and has been honored by the California State Senate, invited to speak at a White House panel for Entrepreneurship Education and invited to be a speaker at TEDx Talk. He has been featured on CNN Money, Entrepreneur MagazineABC7, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune and other US and Indian news media.

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    “Currency of Relationships”



  • To-do List

    To-Do List: Here’s How Successful People Live By It

    Small victories made every day add up overtime, and before you know it people start treating you differently. All of a sudden success comes knocking on your door and people you never met before want to take pictures with you. The important piece is to progress incrementally every day towards your goal. The most effective […]

  • Millionaire Mindset

    The Millionaire Mindset

    Being a millionaire is a side effect of a unique mindset. A mindset that drives the decision making process by more than just the common sense. I have listed below a combination of traits that I rarely see in people. But when I do see them, I can predict a millionaire in the making. Be […]

  • 9 Tips to Launch Your Life in Your 20s

    The decisions you make in your 20s shape who you will become and the quality of life you will live. Every decision counts – good ones and bad. I am in my late 20s and I can tell you that within my ability, I have used my 20s to the max. It has pushed me […]

  • The Science of being Irresistibly Charming

    A charming personality can easily win many battles, from job interviews to Presidential elections!! Industrial psychology provides volumes of evidence on how likability affects decision making. In this article, I am going to break down the mechanics behind it from various angles. Yes, some people are born charming. But it can be learned as well. I did […]

  • Happy Peaple who are successful

    7 Habits of Incredibly Happy People

    People love to be around happy people. Happy people also tend to be more successful because they are likable. There were two college students who were trying to secure a job at the same company for the same position. One student had a 4.0 GPA and the other had a 2.3 GPA. All the hiring […]

  • Don’t get exploited by Fear. Overcome Fear in 3 steps.

    Fear is one of the most powerful feelings that cripples our thinking and actions. It actually inhibits us from taking the right steps that can help fix the fear-causing problem. Let’s go through a series of steps that I have personally tried and tested over and over again. Acknowledge the fear and the problem that’s causing […]

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