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    Avelo Roy started his first startup at 19 while still a student at Illinois Institute of Technology and built it to a million dollar valuation by the time he was 22. He has been building businesses in the US ever since.

    He has won more than 14 business plan competitions in the United States and Canada and has been honored by the California State Senate, invited to speak at a White House panel for Entrepreneurship Education and invited to be a speaker at TEDx Talk. He has been featured on CNN Money, ABC7, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune and other US news media.

    Avelo Roy is currently:

    • Managing Director, Kolkata Ventures (Kolkata)
    • Country Head, AIWA (India)
    • Owner and Director, ECC Engineering Pvt. Ltd (Kolkata)
    • Guest Lecturer, Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago)
    • Board Member, Spring Ventures (Hong Kong)
    • Advisor, Acumen Dynamics (Chicago)
    • Guest lecturer, Illinois Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, IIT Kharagpur

    Avelo’s latest company is Kolkata Ventures promoting entrepreneurship in Eastern India. He owes his accomplishments to a strong spiritual foundation and the strength of meaningful relationships.


    This blog covers the little known hacks into building affluence by influencing people and leveraging relationships. Avelo writes from his experiences as an entrepreneur and his knowledge of the 5000 year old Vedic Philosophy given in the wisdom of Bhagavad Gita.


    Avelo strongly believes in the concept of gift economy. Here he is offering a gift of knowledge and experiences that helped him build his businesses. Nothing is expected in return, but any form of reciprocation is most welcome!!

    Avelo extends a hand of friendship to his readers and invites you to get in touch with him with your questions…

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