Gita lessons to rise from heartbreak to Happiness, Success & Abundance

How to heal the broken heart using Bhagavad Gita principles

Learning Outcomes

  1. Anatomy of a Heartbreak

  2. Gradual Emotional Detox

  3. Mind Control & Meditation techniques

  4. Fill the Hollowness of the Heart

  5. Connect with Krishna within you

  6. Set goals, standup & fight towards success

  7. General Q&A

Webinar Details

Date/Time:  28th Nov, 7:25 pm

Duration: 2 hrs

Registration fee: ₹299

Webinar joining link will be sent upon registration. No show is non-refundable.

Speaker Bio

Parenting Webinar in IndiaAvelo Roy is a Vedic scholar, tech entrepreneur, investor, 4 times TEDx speaker & TV Host. During his teen years he survived deep financial and emotional trauma post his parent’s separation using Bhagavad Gita philosophy. He started his first company at the age of 19 around his patent-pending technology while still studying at Illinois Institute of Technology. He built it to a million-dollar valuation by the age of 22 and thereafter established the Krishna House, Krishna Lunch and Krishna talk projects in Chicago for educating the western youths on principles of Bhagavad Gita and Vedic living while continuing to build businesses in the US & India with multi-million dollars worth of products and services.

He has mentored more than 3000+ young men & women in India, US, Canada, Nepal & Hong Kong on the principles of Gita to help them succeed materially, emotionally & spiritually. He has received more than 150 awards from the Government of India, Indian State Governments, California State Senate & various private organizations in India & US for his contribution to the field of innovation & entrepreneurship.

Avelo Roy Media Coverage

Questions? Call 90735 33350

Questions? Call 90735 33350

Here’s what our past webinar attendees say…

Parenting Webinar in India

“His friendship & lessons of Gita has transformed me from an atheist to a practitioner of Bhakti yoga in daily life.” 

Edward Suda, Director, Finance Systems, InnerWorkings

“I never knew Gita can be so practical & logical. Thank you sir for giving me so much clarity of purpose.”

Raviteja Pavan, CEO, Hyderabad School of Artificial Intelligence

I must mention that I was amazed by his ideas and skillful presentation. He is an impactful speaker and I advise you to please listen to him speak at least once.

Premanjali Ghosh, Public Relationship Executive at PCS Global

Questions? Call 90735 33350